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Our Ring Raichur is one piece of art, whose ornamentation is also known as „seed of life”, which is the symbol of creation, the origin of all life. The pattern was found in the heart of the “flower of life” – an ancient symbol in numerous cultures – until today. Often it is used as a sign of protection and for some it has an even deeper and holy meaning. Whether this is the case for you or you simply like the rings beauty: We hope that it will stay a favorite piece for a long time:)

Value chain

This jewelry is crafted by a small family of artisans in Pushkar (Rajasthan) in North India. Rajasthan is the centre of goldsmith art in India. For centuries, silver – and recently brass as well- has been mined and processed there. The Mahwani family has been in the business of jewelry making for three generations and makes – following traditional Rajasthani styles – unique designs. Even though this family is not a member of our group of seamstresses in Chittapur we would like to support them because we think they are fabulous. You can find more information about them and other artisans who collaborate with the small, Berlin-based label Perelin here: www.perelin-berlin.com

Product details and care

Material: Brass
Measurements: Perimeter 52 – 58 (official German ring sizes)
Care: By wearing this jewelry its surface can become a little tarnished. To get back its original shine just clean it carefully with a silver cloth.

Delivery and availability
Within Germany, we deliver our order normally 3-4 days after receipt of payment. In European countries, delivery takes about 4-6 days. In any case, you will get an email from us as soon as your order leaves our warehouse and your favorite piece is on its way to you.
If your favorite piece is currently sold out, don’t worry! Contact us via e-mail or just wait a little while, most likely we will receive new pieces very soon.
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