You are looking for a fair producer for your design label, for sustainable materials or want to add something special made from handwoven fabrics to your collections? Then there's good news: In our stitching centers in Southern India we do not only produce for our own label Jyoti, but also for other labels and B2B customers.

Due to the very close collaboration with the seamstresses, co-workers and organizations around the sewing centers, as well our fabric suppliers, we managed to build up reliable and transparent supply chains. Those allow us to implement new patterns easily and especially to receive fabrics from a wide range of beautiful, sustainable and often handwoven materials.

Jyoti produziert für dich
Jyoti produziert für dich

What can we offer and what is not (yet) possible?


The women working in our three workshops are all experienced and professional seamstresses and through our own company processes by now very familiar with various types of patterns, materials and processing. Concerning the stitching work your order has thus (almost) no limitations. A good orientation for possible product types are our Jyoti collections, which contain mostly classic garments as dresses, jumpsuits, trousers, blouses, tops and cardigans, but also smaller accessories and home-decor products. Even if your product is a little more extravagant, don't hesitate to contact us and we will discuss together what's possible.


For our fabrics we work together with small family businesses, weavers' cooperatives as well as socially motivated businesses, who offer a huge range of fabrics. All of them are woven and consist of 100% natural fibers. Because we as a company feel responsible for the whole life cycle of a product, and so for the effects of micro plastics during production, use and disposal we would prefer to use only natural fibers for your order as well. If it is really necessary otherwise, we do work together with one fabric supplier, which uses recycled polyester as well and deals extensively with the re-use of post industrial and post consumer textile waste


Currently 25 seamstresses, who generally produce for Jyoti, are working with us. It is most important for us to guarantee all employees total job security and continuity, that is why we want to refrain from employing more women only for single orders and instead grow slowly but steadily. Thus, we can not (yet) produce extremely big quantities in a short time. That sounds like a restriction - at the same time it is a chance for smaller labels or such, that want to produce only single new designs with us. Our current minimum order quantity is 80 pieces of garment (those are required to make the sourcing of fabrics as well as the implementation of new patterns worth their efforts). Planning with enough time ahead of course allows us to take bigger orders as well.


You have a specific idea or design for your product, but not an actual pattern yet? That's no problem - luckily Mareike is part of our team, who professionally makes our patterns for Jyoti, but also for many other customers. As the layout of a pattern needs some revision rounds including sampling, fitting and adaption - depending on the complexity of the product - we would make an individual plan with you on how we can work together in that process.

Jyoti produktionsmöglichkeiten
Jyoti produktionsmöglichkeiten - handgewebte Stoffe
Jyoti produktionsmöglichkeiten
Jyoti produktionsmöglichkeiten

Summarized, this is what we offer:

  • product types: dresses, jumpsuits, trousers, blouses, shirts, tops, cardigans, smaller accessories, home-decor, etc.
  • materials: woven fabrics made from (certified organic) cotton, silk, wool, hemp, modal, sustainable viscose and various blends
  • order quantities: 80 pieces or more (min. 20 per (color) variant, depending on the chosen fabric and its minimum order quantity)
  • pattern making

The next steps?
Timing and process could look like this:

  • In a first call or meeting we clarify which products and materials you're looking for and what are the requirements for the production
  • If you want us to make your pattern, we start the process and continue with the next steps meanwhile
  • Based on your ideas we suggest a couple of fabrics, send samples to you and after your confirmation order a few meters of the finally chosen materials from our suppliers. [Weaving the fabrics - even if only small quantities - can take up to 2 months. If you choose a fabric from our stock, we're much faster]
  • When pattern and fabrics are ready, we are stitching a sample of every product for you [2-4 weeks]
  • After your confirmation we can order the total amounts of fabric which are needed for your order. [Weaving takes - depending on quantity and supplier - up to 3 months]
  • When the final fabrics reach our workshops, we start the production. Usually this happens parallel to our own manufacturing. If there is a time with less orders from Jyoti or we plan with enough time ahead, we can work on your order more exclusively and hence faster. [Depending on our workload we can finish 5-25 products for you per week]

Contact us

If you already have a specific request for a cooperation or simply a question concerning our offer, we're looking forward to hear from you via Mail.

Some of our past b2b cooperations:



As a cozy complement for the sustainably and regionally produced solid wood bed from KIEZBETT we stitched this simple but beautiful bedding set from 100% hemp in 2022. The bed linen can be bought in Kiezbett's online shop.

Hanf Bettwäsche von Jyoti für Kiezbett
»Cooperation is the future. If for society, economy or in bed: to achieve long lasting good and fair results, we need more teamwork!«
– Kiezbett –
Hanf Bettwäsche von Jyoti für Kiezbett
Hanf Bettwäsche von Jyoti für Kiezbett

Summer dresses
2021 & 2022

Jungle Folk

The collaboration with Jungle Folk started in winter 2020/21 with a jointly designed and produced capsule collection. After that we completed several small production orders for the swiss fair fashion label and thus complemented the collections of Jungle Folk (who usually produce in Portugal and Peru) with some of our light, summery cotton fabrics.

Jyoti Volantkleid Produktion für Jungle Folk im Sommer 2021/ 2022
Jyoti Volantkleid Produktion für Jungle Folk im Sommer 2021/ 2022
Produkte aus der Jyoti x Jungle Folk Colab Winter 2020

Wrapblouse Winu
& Collection Summer 23


By now we can look back on a long history of cooperation with Mia, founder of Tiija and the fair fashion blog heylilahey. Already in spring 2019 we launched two zero-waste wrapblouses, which not only were a great success saleswise, but also bound us together personally. The whole process with a lot of nice calls, personal meetings in our atelier and finally a big and crowded launch event, was - speaking from today - the trial round for our later collaboration, which worked perfectly well. Meanwhile Mia has started her own fashion label Tiija and we are honored to be chosen to produce her small collection consisting of airy dresses, blouses and pants in spring/summer 2023. Also the patterns for those beautiful pieces were developed from Jyoti, in close communication with Mia.

Wickelblusen aus der Kooperation Jyoti x heylilahey
»I’m so thankful to have been included throughout the process! From the beginning, the Jyoti team has been involved in all decision-making and has always taken my opinions seriously. I really felt like a real part of the Jyoti team! Here, everyone involved in the process were treated as equals, fabrics are woven by hand.. this cooperation has once again clearly shown that high-quality, sustainable and fair-produced fashion can not cost just five euros, but is worth every penny! Thank you so much dear Jyoti-Team for this great experience and opportunity!!!«
– Mia, heylilahey and Tiija –
Schnitt für die zero-waste Wickelblusen aus der Kooperation Jyoti x heylilahey
Zero-Waste Wickelbluse wird genäht
Launch der Zero-Waste Wickelblusen
Großes Launchevent der Kooperation Jyoti x heylilahey



lalelu sells hanging cradles and contacted us in 2018 for the production of their baby hammocks. The fabric designs were made by lalelu and then implemented with one of our oldest partners and suppliers in India by using blockprints. The products were then sewn in our workshop in Londa under our personal supervision as the pattern was something completely new.

Federwiege von lalelu
»We wanted to create a baby hammock which is not only visually appealing, but also meets our social and ecological requirements. Thus we are especially proud of our hammock fabrics, which were produced in loving handwork by Jyoti - Fair Works.«
– Julia, lalelu –
Produktion der Babyhängematte
Federwiege von lalelu
Produktion der Babyhängematte
Federwiege von lalelu

Yoga bags


For Kobrika, a manufacturer of individual yoga bags, we produced the bag »Namaste« made from up-cycled rise bags.
More information about this coopüeration and the bags that we made can be found on Kobrika's homepage.

Jeanine und das Team von Kobrika
»For our products, handicraft is very important. That the bag was made in India and produced under good working conditions, makes us as passionate Yogis especially happy.«
– Birgit und Karl Kosak, Kobrika –



For the crowdfunding campaign of our colleagues from morgen. and their exciting installation »position« we slightly changed the design of our bag balangir (aka Geschichtensammler). Morgen did the finishing themselves, and personalised each bag with screen prints.

Jutebeutel Position von morgen.
»We are great fans of the ‘Geschichtensammler’ bag, and thus are especially happy that we were able to offer the customised position-Geschichtensammler for our crowdfunding campaign. The bag was our most popular gift of the campaign – and rightly so.«
– Martha und Beate, morgen. –
Arbeit in der Jyoti Werkstatt in Chittapur
Fairtrade nähen handgemacht in Londa

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