Shipping Costs

Shipping costs within Germany are €5.99. Shipping is free for orders over €250.

For delivery addresses outside of Germany, you can choose between Shipping as Warenpost Premium and Paket International. Warenpost Premium is the cheaper option, but it takes a bit longer for delivery.
The exact costs depend on your delivery country - you can find a detailed breakdown of costs and delivery times per shipping option in the table below.


› Are you ordering from Switzerland?

With, you can shop easily and at affordable shipping costs without customs duties in our online shop.

The process is simple:

  1. Simply register with and you will receive a personal email address.
  2. With the personal email address, you can then place your order in our online shop (create a customer account and) process your order.
  3. Important: Please use MeinEinkauf GmbH, Max-Stromeyer-Strasse 160, D-78467 Konstanz as both the shipping and billing address.
  4. All order and shipping information will be automatically forwarded from your email address to your private email address. The team will also stay informed about the status of your order to send it to your address in Switzerland as quickly as possible. You can check the status of your order approximately 48 hours after receipt on under "My Orders."

Not sure if it's worth it? Here you will find an example calculation of the costs incurred for shipments to Switzerland. This will give you a small impression. Of course, the exact costs always depend on the product, the value of the goods, the weight, etc. All these costs are already covered in MeinEinkauf's fees, and you also don't have to worry about the import process.

Shipping Duration

Once your order, including payment, is received by us, it is usually processed in our Berlin warehouse on the next working day and handed over for shipping (1-2 days). You will receive a tracking number by email, which you can use to track your delivery.

  • Delivery within Germany usually takes 2-4 days.
  • Delivery to countries within Europe takes 7-14 days as Warenpost Premium and 2-4 days as Paket International.
  • Delivery to countries outside of Europe takes approximately 2-5 weeks as Warenpost Premium (we don't have enough experience to provide a more precise estimate) and 10-20 days as Paket International.

Please note that we can not guarantee the above-mentioned shipping times, as the final delivery depends on the shipping service provider (in our case, DHL). The stated delivery times are based on our experience from the past months.

Customs processes (for shipments to countries outside the EU) can delay delivery. In case of any issues, you will be contacted personally by the customs authority of your country for additional information about your order, proof of payment, etc.

For special orders, the delivery time can be up to 8 weeks, as your custom piece is specially crafted for you.

Shipping Conditions Overview


National Shipping Conditions

**We cannot guarantee the above-mentioned delivery times, as the delivery ultimately depends on the shipping service provider (in our case, DHL). The stated delivery times are based on our experiences from the past months.


International Shipping Conditions

*All prices listed in the table are are net prices; for EU orders, tax will be applied based on your country's VAT rate
**We cannot guarantee the above-mentioned delivery times, as the delivery ultimately depends on the shipping service provider (in our case, DHL). The stated delivery times are based on our experiences from the past months.

Shipping in Re-Used Boxes

When we receive a return, the box is often only minimally damaged or marked with small signs by the postal service. These boxes are still usable and provide just as much protection to the products inside as a brand-new packaging. To avoid unnecessary waste production, we re-use as many boxes as possible. We give them a small "Re-Used" stamp - so you won't be surprised at home if your package looks like it has been on more than one journey - and to draw more attention to the issue of packaging waste.
Of course, we can only do this when we have an appropriate reused box returned as a return. So, if you ever need to return something to us, we would appreciate it if you could send the product back in the same Jyoti box and use as little (plastic-containing) tape as possible. Thank you!

Pre-order / Backorder

If your favorite item is currently not in stock, you can usually place it on backorder. This means you proceed with the purchase as usual, and we forward your order to one of our workshops in India, where the clothing piece will be specially produced for you. Typically, the production and delivery time can take up to 8 weeks. Of course, you can also return a pre-ordered product within the regular return period if it doesn't fit or you don't like it.
Although individual orders require a lot of effort on our part, we are convinced that pre-orders are an important part of the fair fashion concept because it's one of the most sustainable ways to operate! Your thoughtful decision to purchase one of our pieces allows us to prevent overproduction in any form. This way, we can ensure that every inch of fabric and every one of our products finds a home instead of languishing as "dead stock." It also gives you the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the creation process of your product and experience how much time it takes to craft something so precious. And what could be more beautiful than knowing that something was made for you with love and care, without the pressure of time constraints.

Partial Shipment

If we only have part of your order in stock, partial shipment is possible. In this case, we will get in touch with you and discuss what you need urgently or if the entire order can wait a bit longer.


If a product is currently out of stock, and we cannot reproduce it immediately in India, you have the option to join the waitlist. You will receive a one-time notification when the product is back in stock. Our waitlist is non-binding, meaning you are not obligated to make a purchase. It is solely intended to keep you informed.
Here's a tip: Since we aim to avoid overproduction, we usually receive very limited quantities of a single product, which may quickly sell out again. So, it's a good idea to check our online shop shortly after receiving the notification.

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