Currently we deliver to Germany and countries within Europe.

Delivery Costs

The standard delivery cost within Germany is 4€.
The standard delivery cost within Europe is 6€.

Delivery Time

Orders within Germany are shipped within 3-4 days of receipt of payment. For orders within Europe this can take 4-6 days.
As soon as your order has been processed and shipped, you will receive a confirmation email from us that your new favorite item of clothing is on its way to you. Delivery of custom orders may take up to 8 weeks, as your individual piece will be cut and sewn specifically for you.

Shipping in re-used boxes

Usually when we get returns, the carton boxes are not at all or just a little bit damaged or has some small signs on it. These boxes can easily be used again! wWe would love to re-send as many boxes as possible to avoid unneccassary waste production.
For this reason we introduced the option of a re-used package for you. During the order process you'll find a checkbox which sais: "My order can be shipped in a used carton to save resources." Of course this is only possible if we have a suitable re-used box with us at the moment. Thus it can happen that we have to send you a new package even if you chose the option.
So, if you too have to send back something sometime, we are happy to receive the product in the same box. And from then on: Let's use it again, again, again - until it's no longer possible!


If we do not have your favorite item in stock, you are welcome to sign up to our waitlist. As soon as it's back in our store, you will get a short e-mail (only once). Depending on the current production this may take up to 8 weeks. Signing up is non-committal which means you are not obligated to buy the item after joining the waitlist. It is just meant to inform you.
And one more advice: Avoiding over-production is one of our core principles to provide a sustainable textile production and hence in one delivery we usually get only small quantities of a single product. To avoid major disappointments please check our online shop as soon as possible after receiving the back-in-stock message.

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