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In 2020, over 100 billion garments were produced - twice as much as in 2005. Meanwhile clothing use has decreased by 40%. As a result, clothing waste is one of the main reasons for the textile industry being the 2nd biggest polluter worldwide. Right after the oil industry.


Given the incredible amount of waste produced by the textile industry each year, producing as fair and sustainable as possible no longer feels enough. We believe that circularity is part of the solution. But what does this mean? Circular economy in fashion is the concept of fashion products that are designed, sourced and produced with the intention of longevity and sustainability, using non-toxic, renewable, biodegradable and recyclable resources. Through good care, reuse, repair, re-sell and redesign, the products should be used and circulate responsibly among multiple owners for as long as possible. If this is not possible anymore, the products should be recycled by manufacturing them into new products or composted to return safely to the biosphere.

jyoti Circular - second hand and more


We want to enter this sphere by offering second-hand Jyoti pieces as well as samples or garments with little irregularities at discounted prices to you. This will allow our garments to live on and be used as long as possible, rather than vanishing in the depth of our wardrobes.
1. As we are just kicking this off, for now you can find all Jyoti Circular pieces on our JYOTI CIRCULAR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT.
2. You found a piece you love? Send us an E-MAIL containing your address (and possibly different delivery address) and the product code of the piece you want to purchase. We will then immediately send you an invoice, and as soon as we receive your payment, also the product. Of course it can happen sometimes that we receive more than one request for the same product. In that case it's simply first come, first serve:)

You yourself have a Jyoti piece at home that doesn’t fit anymore or you simply don’t wear it?

2. Send us the filled in form via E-MAIL in advance and then printed out along with your product so that we can easily designate your piece. We we will repair it if necessary, define a fair price and sell it on our Jyoti Circular platform.

Jyoti – Fair Works
c/o O.Kollektiv
Okerstraße 45
12049 Berlin

3. In the form you decide whether you wish to receive 50% of the revenue or donate the same amount to our Trust JYOTI E.V.

In case a new owner can’t be found immediately, we will reduce the resale value of your product. Finally, to avoid the risk of the product being forgotten in our Jyoti storage, we will make someone happy with a donation.

jyoti Circular - second hand and more
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