Jewelry | 2016

All pieces are designed by our Jyoti-team in Berlin, which can be seen in the recognizable Jyoti O in all jewelry. Our jewelry is then made by a small artisan family in Pushkar (Rajasthan) in northern India. Rajasthan is the cradle of goldsmithing in India. For centuries, silver - and more recently brass - has been mined and processed there. The Mahwani family has been producing jewelry for three generations, creating unique brass creations based on the traditional Rajasthani style. For this collection we have designed very filigree and simple pieces that are all designed to recreate the O from our Jyoti logo. Every piece of jewelry, whether plug Surat, ring Ranchi or earring Chittapur, captivates with its clear line and the wonderful color of the brass fits easily to everything.

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