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These beautiful Mini-Sisal baskets haven been woven by the employees of the Belgian NGO
Solid Crafts. Marginalized women, produce them in accordance with the traditional taita technic in Kenia. The women grow the sisal themselves, twist and dye them until they can make these great baskets out of them. The income this work provides them with is essential in order to secure their space in society, to be financially independent and to finance their children’s education.
The mini baskets come in a set of 3. One set is held in more natural colours (brown, beige, black) and the other one has more brigt colours. They are perfect to store all the small things that are constantly lost and finally give them a home =).

We are very happy that we can offer you these beautiful baskets during our onlin christmas market and hence support them in their work.

Jyoti - Fair Works Icon PETA approved VEGAN


Colour: Set Nature, Set Colorful
Material: 100% Sisal
Measurement: 8cm Ø

Delivery and Availability

Return Policy: 30 days, more Infos here
Availability: Each piece is unique and hence only available once
Lieferzeit: 2-4 days (DE), 4-6 days (Europa)


set colorful, Set natural

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