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Covid – 19 Food Donation


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Our partner organization in Londa needs support!


The situation in India in regards to Covid-19 has worsened dramatically over the last weeks. Daily several million people get infected, death numbers are reaching new hights and the health system is collapsing.
Rural areas additionally suffer from bad infrastructure and medical care, as in the South Indian village Londa – location of one of our sewing centres. Our local colleagues are giving us a picture of the terrible circumstances. Next to high numbers of cases and deaths, the government has imposed a strict lockdown and roads to the overburdened hospitals are closed. Most of the locals usually work as day labourers and through the current curfew no source of income. Important financial resources for buying food and medical goods are lacking in the whole village.


Our local partner organization Nava Chetana Kendra is distributing food parcels to the households in Londa and asked us for help. This is why we are collection donations through our charitable Jyoti e.V. and directly forward them to our partners in India. The organization is located and working in Londa since decades, knows the structures and people and can act immediately.


For all of this we need your help! One food parcel with basic items for a 5-person family and 10 days consists of 1kg oil, 10kg rice, 2kg lentils and some sugar and costs about 600 Indian Rupees, which makes more or less 7€. This is an incredibly small amount compared to its importance, so please think about it. We are thankful for every donation, no matter how big or small.

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