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The products in our online shop are marked with various icons, which are designed to inform you about materials in use. Here you can check the meaning of the different product lines and why we chose to work with the respective fabrics.


For this line, we only use fair, partly handwoven cloth made out of high-quality, organic cotton. We get the cloths from different cloth producers textile merchants and social projects in India. You can find out more about our textile merchants at our Supply Chain.

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Our woven material made from cotton has been lovingly crafted by small family businesses or cooperatives. They do not only contribute to the conservation of resources but are also the livelihood for countless artisans, especially in rural areas.

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The product line »Upcycling« is the most environmentally friendly of the lines. Here, we only use residue material [Reststoffe] that is left over from the production of the other products. Moreover, we integrate local materials, such as rice or soy sacks, to make new and high-quality products.

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All products marked as vegan do not contain any materials or supplements from animal origin. The logo was established by Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the worldwide biggest organization for animal rights, to support the implementation of animal-friendly production. We purchase our fabrics from different suppliers and social enterprises in India. More detailed information about the people we are working with can be found in our value chain. Besides it is very important to us that also all our non-vegan products (e.g. from wool and silk) are produced animal-friendly. In our blog (only available in German) we explained our decision to include non-vegan fabrics in our work a little more detailed.

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