Fall | Winter 2016

The timeless designs of the autumn collection 2016 in combination with the warm colors make you feel like wanting it to become autumn. The hand-woven scarves Somila and Sana in the colors black, curry and sapphire blue are perfect companions for a nice walk or a cuddly day on the sofa but also great for the office. The fabrics are handwoven in consultation with our team in Berlin, traditionally loom on small family businesses and then sent to Chittapur for further processing, where the great pieces are then created by hand and in of course fair working conditions. A great allround talent in this collection is our shirt Himat in night blue and the blouse Benisha in ocean blue or grey. Due to the timeless designs and the light colors, they suit every occasion and quickly become your favourite piece. If scarf Somila or Sana is not enough on very cold days, Cardigan Chandrama in black or curry is the ideal piece for a warm and trendy look. Let yourself be enchanted and enjoy the autumn with its fantastic colors!

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