Spring | Summer 2018

In addition to new colors like rust and turmeric, the spring collection 2018 also offers great new patterns in the traditional Indian ikat-fabric. The gray and blue Ikat fabric is handwoven in the small Indian village of Pochampally in Telangana. Ikat fabrics are traditionally made there and the sophisticated weaving technique requires precisely calculated spot yarn dyeing, knowledge passed down through generations, great skill and concentration. The beautifully soft, patterned fabrics are provided by the Indian fashion label Translate, which is dedicated to the revival of Ikat crafts. In order to stay true to our clear and timeless style, we, additionally to our new looks this summer, we got out our cardigan Chandrama from the autumn collection 2016 again. Be inspired and have a lot of fun combining the old and new collections.

You can find the complete lookbook of this collection HERE.

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